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Carrie Barrepski

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Carrie Barrepski

The holidays can often leave us feeling exhausted, unfocused and unbalanced due to stress and the craziness of the holidays. This is the time to reflect on the past year while looking forward to the New Year.

Meditation can help us refocus and anchor ourselves. There are many ways to refocus the mind during meditation. The first one, and my favorite, is breathing. Taking deep breaths while counting the breaths can anchor your mind. Deep breathing is a natural cure for stress and relaxation.

The second one that I use frequently is mantra meditation, where you use the phrase, “I am” followed by an adjective, such as strong and healthy. This practice helps to reinforce a positive belief system.

The third method is to use sound meditation while focusing on different sounds surrounding you. The last one is to note the sensations within your body during meditation. Both of these methods can help increase mindfulness.

Meditation can be done anywhere for any amount of time. It can be easily adapted to your lifestyle. Meditation should be a loving and peaceful process that brings you peace of mind.

I prefer to meditate every morning upon awakening. It helps me start my day off on the right foot. My mediation practice is a combination of spirituality and relaxation.

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