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a good yogi activist

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

As an individual with disabilities one the most important skill I learned was how to be an advocate. This means the ability to stand up for your self and others to protect our equal rights. It is an important lesson to learn because we are the guardians of our own rights. I am a huge supporter of self-advocacy something I have done for years from school to adult life it is second nature to me. The first step is to know what the disability issues are and what is needed. The second one is to educate your self on disability laws and protected rights. A good advocate has excellent communication and listening skill. Also keeping good records while becoming a master at negotationing will also help. In order to promote positive change through activism we must work together while respecting one another. There is no better feeling than being able to speak up for your self or others to make a positive impact. My yoga practice helps keep me focus and grounded in my activism work. Yoga activism will always be the center of my life defining my self as a warrior.