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Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga DVD

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

One of my favorite yogini writers Kathryn Budig just came out with her first yoga DVD titled Aim True Yoga. She is just as passionate about yoga and writing as I am. The DVD contains two yoga session with the purpose of focusing in on your true self while energizing your body. I love Her teaching style she infuses fun and humor into the practice while giving excellent tips in doing the poses. My favorite part is the dancing warrior because it brings celebration to the warrior soul with in us. I fell honored to have Kathryn as a friend and writer mentor she has taught and inspired me in my own yoga and writing life style. Check out Kathryn at her website http://www.kathrynbudig.com/

vinyasa yoga

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

My favorite form of yoga to practice is vinyasa yoga I have been practicing it over ten years. Vinyasa yoga is the practice of linking the breath to movements one example is sun salutations my favorite part of the practice. The goal is to cultivate awareness of our breath, mind and body. Personally I love the fluid movements and making that spiritual connection with the mind and body. I also feel it is important to build an awareness with body especially when you have physical limitations like me. Vinyasa also teaches to be more aware of our feelings and what is happening around us. It teaches us to live in the moment while taking one step at a time. In my opion practicing vinyasa yoga and being mindful are perfect companions that I do on a daily bases. After each practice I always feel energized, strong, clean, calm and peaceful ready to face the world.

connecting with my mentor Seane Corn

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

This past weekend I attended an empowered flow yoga workshop at Kripalu presented by Seane Corn. It was one of my best experiences in my life from yummy food to amazing yoga and enlightening discussions. The best part was connecting with my teacher, role model and mentor Seane. She definitely is the queen of yoga and activism inspiring everyone in the room with her words of passion and purpose. She spoke her truth with love from her heart and soul leaving all of us feeling empowered. I will admit it at first I was star struck but that vanished when we first saw and recognized each other like kinder spirits following the same path. I still recall many years ago at a time I felt lost, disconnected and depressed it was the practice of yoga through Seane DVDs that awaken and connected my mind and body. I also remember reading an interview in a yoga magazine where Seane talked about yoga and activism. After reading the article it was like light ball went off in my head everything seem so clear. Yoga helped me discover and nurture my passion and purpose of helping people with disabilities through my words and experiences. Over the years I have grown and lived by Sean example in all areas of my life through practicing yoga on and off the mat. Today I am proud to be woman with disabilities, yogini, writer and disabilities rights activist.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The month of October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month, with the color pink being its symbol. The key to successfully treating breast cancer is early intervention. Knowledge is power, from knowing the latest information, family history to regular doctor check ups.nothing is more important then our health so take time to educate and be active in keeping yourself healthy, starting with knowing the latest health news and keeping regular doctor appointments. visit http://www.nbcam.org/ for more information