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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


I am a firm believer in empowerment the process of gaining knowledge, experiences and skills. It allows us to cope with every day life while allowing personal growth. Being empowered also inspires us to advocate change while helping others. Empowerment begins within us with the heart powered by love. Being empowered allows us to improve our self-image while building our strength to make the best life for ourselves.

I came across an online community for women created by motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein called Her Future.com. A place where women can come together for networking, inspiration and support. It is hear where you can learn and interact on a wide of topics from spirituality, fitness to careers. Gabrielle sole purpose is so instill the idea of the power of positive thinking as the key to happiness. I feel very fortuned to be connected to such an amazing lady and community. So ladies come and be empowered at http://www.herfuture.com/


Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

A paradigm is a group of ideas that you see the world with.  We get and learn many of our ideas from our parents, teachers, and friends.  The media also plays a powerful part in shaping our beliefs.  Newspapers, magazines, books, television and the Internet educate on everything from lifestyle, health, and politics to cultural issues.  A paradigm shift refers to the change of ideas.

As we grow older, our thinking changes over time due to our experiences.  Many people with disabilities are still trapped in the disabled paradigm where they are only being judged and seen on their disabilities.  The key is to shift the focus on the person rather than their disability. A disability should be seen as a characteristic that makes a person special and unique. we often get so focused on a person’s disability that we forget about the actual person.  It is important to remember that people come first and their disability comes second.  We are all human with the same emotional needs that should be met.

soul mates

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

A soulmate is an unexplained connection to someone whose qualities complement each other.  They come to know, understand and accept each other.  They also challenge each other while learning from each other. I have cherished the journey my husband and I have taken to the point we are at today, a happy loving marriage.  I still remember the long hours we chatted online getting to know each other.  Even online, we both felt very connected to each other, having many similarities and differences.  It was very interesting how we shared many similar experiences due to our hearing loss.  We both knew instantly from our first in-person meeting that we were going to be together forever.  Each visit was filled with love and happiness.  Every moment spent together has been filled with laughter and fun.  Our wedding day confirms our commitment to each other and started our official journey in our life together.  Every day I am thankful that I have found someone to share love and experience life with.  I am feeling very lucky that I have someone who loves me, accepts me and supports me every day, and I do the same for him.  As our love keeps on getting stronger and stronger, each day is better than the last.


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I feel that in order to find love with another person, you must first learn to love and respect yourself.  Most importantly, you must be content with your life before sharing it with another person.  The practice of yoga can help you discover your true self while becoming aware of your needs and wants.  The first step is to slow down and look within yourself to find what makes you tick. Meditation and deep breathing exercises help you see how you want your life to play out live in the present.  Yoga postures teach us to accept our flaws because everyone does each pose in their own way in time with no judgment.  Through yoga we can learn to remove negative emotions by focusing on the positives in life.  The practice in many ways can open our hearts to love and happiness by teaching us to show gratitude and express ourselves to those around us.  The yoga belief system teaches us to practice non-violence, honesty and selflessly helping others.

Whenever I meet someone, I always look for the good in them and focus on the positives and see what I am able to learn from them.  I find it is important to be a friend at first before getting into a serious relationship.  The growing friendship is what evolves into a strong, loving relationship, if it is meant to be, or stay with a strong friendship.  It takes time to develop any relationship because there are many layers to understand and get to know.