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You are the guru

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Published in the republican September 2020

My writing mentor, Gabrielle Bernstein, created an Audible book called You Are The Guru.  The book is about listening to your inner guidance to get you through difficult times.

The book gives you six messages to help you listen to your inner guidance.  The first one is to see with love.  When we take ownership of our thoughts and experiences, we can strengthen our compassion and love for others.  The belief is that everyone has the capability of expressing love and goodness.

The second message is to surrender to creative solutions.  This teaches that even when we have challenges we have two choices.  We can either suffer in despair or learn from the experience.  Using spiritual growth, we can find new, creative solutions to everyday problems.

The third message is to inspire action that clears paths.  We are living in changing times where we are overloaded with information.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed, we can let go of the pressure while taking simple actions.

My favorite message is to sit in stillness, where we will receive guidance.  Through meditation and prayer, we can tune into an intuitive mind to keep us calm and focused.

The next message is to practice compassion to stay connected.  Every day, I always try to be compassionate to all while taking actions to help others.

The last message is that you are the guru.  This empowers us to tap into our inner wisdom and strength to create inner peace.  By practicing these messages, we are empowered to be more positive in our daily lives.