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LIfe Obstancles

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Life is an adventure leading us to new experiences. As always life has a funny way of presenting new obstacles for us to face. I find they keep things interesting and I always look forward to the challenge. I am often reminded of something my mentor Seane Corn said at a workshop “you have to get through the fuck you to get to the bless you” This is so true over the years I have face many barriers due to my disabilities in my personal and professional life. My yoga practice empowers the warrior with in my self to stay strong and to always fight to find solutions. Barriers and obstacles will only make us stronger and push us to move forward through life.

My Resolutions

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

It is that time of year to do one of my favorite activities set new goals with a plan of action. The theme for this years resolution is being in the best shape by time I turn forty in April. The first step was to recommit to my daily yoga practice with the help of two DVDs by two amazing yogini who are role models inspiring me everyday. I will be alternating between my yoga activist mentor Seane Corn Detox Flow yoga DVD and my yoga-writing mentor Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga DVD. I will also be throwing in the mix my favorite fitness expert Ashley turner Yoga For Weight Loss and Power Yoga DVDs that I love. I have also decided to go vegan as a way to eat healthy. Recently I have discovered two books by Kathy Freston called The veganist and Quantum Wellness which talks about going vegan at slow pace making gradual changes which is important in making any kind health wise changes.
I am also hoping to attend the Off The Mat Into The World Leadership Training: Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive taught by Seane Corn at Omega in July. I love the idea of sharpening my yoga and activism skills. It would be great to connect with and learn from other yogi activists. Always inspired by my spiritual running buddy Gabrielle Bernstein I will be writing to help, inspire and inform people on disability issues, self help and yoga through my column and blog.
I am so excited about this year’s journeys and cant wait to see where it takes me.