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Occupy Movement

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

In the past months we have watch the yoga community led by yogi activists such as my mentor Seane Corn coming together to take a stand for truth, justice and unity. We don’t support 99% or 1 % instead we support 100 % because we are all equal in every sense.

As a yogi activist of disability rights a big part of my platform is equality. We all deserve the same opportunities regardless of disability, gender, race and status. We all deserve to live, work and participant independently on our own community.

I love seeing people uniting together to make a positive impact it is very empowering and inspiring. Always remember we all are connected by spirit uniting us as one.

A lesson in Human Value

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

my column printed in the Republican on 11/9/11

Last month there was a news story coming out of Philadelphia, Pennsvila that totally shocked me to my core. Apparently an apartment complex landlord had received complaints of noise and strange going ons in the basement. When the landlord investigated, he found dark rooms with noises coming from the boiler room, where he found four individuals, one of whom was chained to the boiler. The four individuals were found in weakened and malnourished condition. They were three men and one woman ranging from age 29 to 41 years old. All four were developmentally disabled with the mental capacity of a ten year old. They told the police that they had been held for several years in different areas such as Texas and Florida. They also suffered from both physical and emotional abuse.

The police have arrested one woman and two men for a variety of charges from kidnapping, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment to theft. During their investigation they determined the motive was to steal the four victims monthly social security benefits ranging from 600 to 900 hundred dollars. They also discovered that the women gave birth to two children while being held. The police also recovered social security cards, power of attorney forms and other documents bearing fifty different names. The four victims are being cared for at a state run facility where they have been reunited with their families.

We are all equal with the same rights that don’t vary or differctante from gender, sex, race, cultural or disability. Basic needs, rights and values govern our society. We are taught at a young age to love ourselves and our fellow citizen while living peacefully. We are also taught to be responsible in our actions. More importantly we must respect our selves and others regardless of differences. In other words we all unique beautiful individuals with gifts to offer.