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mindful communication

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

In our vocabulary, there are many words that can be offensive when describing people with disabilities, such as retarded and handicapped. Even statements that are made can just as hurtful and damaging such as “deaf and dumb.” These types of statements can lead to stereotyping, misperceptions and discrimination. It can lead to feelings of anger and belittlement. These feelings can lead to low self-esteem, discouragement and in some cases, depression.
We as a society must remember how powerful the spoken word carries in our language. We must consider others’ feelings and not to judge them on the basis of their disability. The key lesson is to put the person first rather than their disability. Since the disability is a characteristic that is a part of them and that they have many more qualities that outweigh their disabilities.
Words can be very powerful and meaningful but they can also be hurtful and offensive to others. Yoga philosophy teaches us to speak the truth with love. The first thing to do is to be couscous about what we are saying. Then we must ask yourself what is making us say this and how will it affect others. Before speaking ask your self three questions
Such as is this the truth? Is this kind? And is it necessary? Most importantly always speak with your heart that symbolizes your loving self.
In one of my favorite books The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz . One agreement is to be impeccable with our words that have the power to affect others. They also reflect who we are. Yoga teaches us to be conscious of our words and actions while speaking from the heart with love and truth.