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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

There are many different things that define us and help create our identities. Our roles vary from our profession to our personal lives. In the past people with disabilities have only been identified and classified as being disabled, and were often judged by their weakness and limitations leading to misconceptions. Just like everyone else, people with disabilities have interests, talents and strengths. Their disability is only part of their life and should not consume their lives. In recent years there has been in a shift in perception in seeing the person first with their disability as second. The main purpose of people first is to focus on strengths to help them create who they are, which will lead to higher self-esteem, self worth and a positive self-image. The key is to use the positive energy to make accommodations for any limitations. When we view a disability as a challenge to overcome this will defeat any frustrations or negative energy. We all have unique gifts to be shared and valued. I am proud of the roles that create my own identity, ranging from wife, yogini to columnist and activist. My disabilities are a positive influence to be compassionate, strong, and fearless and a fighter.