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SSI proposed changes

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Published in the Republican October 2019

Today, in order to retain SSI benefits, a person usually cannot have more than $2000 in their name. The US. House of Representatives is looking to increase that amount with a bill that will raise the limit to $10,000 for single recipients and $20,000 for couples.  It would also increase of income a person can make.  The bill will also repeal penalties for marriage and receiving any kind of assistance from family members.

Many people feel that the time has come to update the SSI program that has been the same since 1972.  Representative Elissa Slotkin of Michigan said, “This issue is one that I have heard about directly from autism advocates and families in our district, particularly parents preparing for children with disabilities to transition into adulthood.”

The bill updates the old SSI program using common sense logic to help people with disabilities and their families.  It will give people more opportunities with access to having more money and more control over their own life.  No matter what, no law should dictate our social lives such as getting married.  It definitely should not hinder exploring employment opportunities.


Sunday, October 13th, 2019

printed in the Republican October 2019

This past summer, my mother came in contact
with a family whose daughter has the same hand
deformity as she does, called symbrachydactly. It is a
congenital abnormality characterized by missing
limbs, hands or feet. In many cases bones are
missing along with fingers or toes. The hand may
have small stumps of soft tissue where fingers would
be. The cause is unknown, but could be caused by a
loss of blood supply in the development of the arm or
foot during pregnancy. Generally, children born with
symbrachydactly are able to adapt to their physical limitations and experience a full life. The limb
differences occur in 30,000 to 40,000 births.

In Michigan, a family formed a nonprofit
organization to raise awareness and celebrate
children born with symbrachydactly. The Lucky Fin is
dedicated to being a parent support network, and
provides medical resources and education on limb
differences. It also holds events and provides
financial support for children to attend specialized
camps and provide prosthetics.

My mother has always taught me to be
independent and not let my disabilities get in the way
of what I want in life. She has always not let her own
deformity stop her from being successful in her own

Super Attractor

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Carrie Writes column published in the Republican October 2019

My writing mentor and spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, has written her seventh book, Super Attractor. The book is about manifesting what you desire. A super attractor is someone who makes being positive a priority, which attracts what they want in life.

The book talks about how we let negative feelings block us from feeling good and positive about life. The first step to unblocking yourself is to recognize the negative feelings that make us feel bad. The second step is to forgive yourself while moving away from the negative feelings. The final step is to choose to have a positive mindset while letting go of the negativity.

This book will help many people to be more positive and trust the universe to lead them to their desires. This concept requires patience, consistency and faith.

For the past ten years, Gabrielle has inspired my own writing and motivational speaking by empowering me to speak from the heart to share my experiences. In my spiritual practice I follow Gabrielle’s guidance in meditation to trust that the universe will always have my back while living in a loving, positive and peaceful way.

Today all of Gabrielle’s books sit on my nightstand, always ready to give me guidance and inspiration.