Super Attractor

Carrie Writes column published in the Republican October 2019

My writing mentor and spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, has written her seventh book, Super Attractor. The book is about manifesting what you desire. A super attractor is someone who makes being positive a priority, which attracts what they want in life.

The book talks about how we let negative feelings block us from feeling good and positive about life. The first step to unblocking yourself is to recognize the negative feelings that make us feel bad. The second step is to forgive yourself while moving away from the negative feelings. The final step is to choose to have a positive mindset while letting go of the negativity.

This book will help many people to be more positive and trust the universe to lead them to their desires. This concept requires patience, consistency and faith.

For the past ten years, Gabrielle has inspired my own writing and motivational speaking by empowering me to speak from the heart to share my experiences. In my spiritual practice I follow Gabrielle’s guidance in meditation to trust that the universe will always have my back while living in a loving, positive and peaceful way.

Today all of Gabrielle’s books sit on my nightstand, always ready to give me guidance and inspiration.

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