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Disability = Strength

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

It is a common misassumption that a disability means having limitations and weaknesses, and disabled individuals often feel pitied or belittled. But in realty having a disability can help build your character and strength. I feel that because of my disabilities I am a strong advocate willing to go the distance to overcome any obstacles that come my way. It has also helped me develop compassion, awareness and acceptance for others. More importantly, it has led me to my purpose of helping and inspiring people through my words. I am proud of who I am today and would not change one thing.

Opposites Do Attract

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I often compare my husband and I to one of my favorite TV shows Dharma & Greg mainly because the story is about a
Lawyer married to married to free spirit yoga teacher. My husband is one the smartest lawyers who is also a serious logical thinker dealing with facts and the law. While am a free spirit yogi dealing with spirituality, feelings and emotions so in our case opposites do attract. It is about finding a balance while respecting each other individuality. Even though we had many lively discussions we never force our beliefs or try to change each other. The key is love, respect and acceptance.

Self Love

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

We all go through periods of self loathing or comparing our saves to others. But it can also be very harmful, negative and causes depression. As writer and yogini I often have to remind my self to follow my own advice and practice what I preach. Yoga teaches us to come into the movement embracing life as it is. Meditation allows us to become familiar and focus on our strengths. I believe our strengths will over power our weakness just like positives always win over the negative. The best way to promote self-love is to respect your body through eating healthy, exercising and putting your health first. I have always felt any negative can be reverse through hard work. There is always a way all you need is the will. Yoga also teaches us to practice acceptance because we are all wonderful unique individuals with something to offer to the world.

I am a warrior

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

My favorite yoga pose is the warrior it represents strength, steadiness, integrity and fierce determination. It symbolizes a spiritual warrior who does battle with the universe for truth and justice.  I identify with this pose because of my experiences a woman with disabilities. Through my life I have always been a strong fighter from fighting my own personal battles, proving my self, stigma and discrimination.

Being a warrior has help me become an advocate and foster my passion of writing to help and inspire others. When I am in the warrior position I always tap into my internal power to visualize reversing the sigma people with disabilities. I also focus on being positive, loving, happy and peaceful to myself and others.