Hard Times

published in the Republican May 2021

We all go through difficult times in our lives. It is about how we cope with them that matters. Right now our nation is trying to recover from a paramedic, leaving many feeling anxious, sad and angry.
I deal with my feelings by writing regularly in a journal.  I write down my feelings as a way of bringing closure and expressing myself. In every situation I always weigh the positives against the negatives, making the best of what I have in life.

I also encounter anxiety every day. I use breathing exercises to keep it under control.  While breathing I place my hand over my heart and focus on my heartbeat. I let the power of love chase away the anxiety and negative emotions.

Meditation is a part of my daily life.  I like to practice visual meditation, where you focus on an object, leading you to be calm and peaceful.  You can also repeat a mantra, such as I am safe, and I am healthy.  My favorite one is love, peace and happiness.

I am very grateful to have my husband, family and friends to remind me of my strengths, give me support and never let me slip too far into anxiety. Now I wake up each day with a renewed positive attitude ready to take on new challenges.

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