published in the Republican April 2021

April has always been a month of reflection for me due to the anniversary of my column.  Over the years it has been a vehicle for my voice ranging from disability rights, personal experiences to self-help.  It is good to be reminded where it all began.

I have been writing in a journal every day since I was a little girl.  Whenever I was upset, my mom told me to write about why I was upset and after it was written there was no reason to be upset because it was in the past.

To this day I still follow that advice, feeling better after venting my feelings on paper.  It is like clearing your mind so you can see things in a new light.  Writing can also be a great way to brainstorm solutions to problems and track progress of resolutions.

Journaling can keep track of your goals, values and beliefs in your personal life.  In my journal I have pages where I have listed values and beliefs that I follow every day, like being happy, peaceful and positive.  I read this every day to keep me centered, focused and to remind myself of who I am.  Writing is a way of life for me.

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