New beginnings

published in the Republican January 2021

One of the first things President Joe Biden wants to tackle is the COVID-19 pandemic and economicalfallout.  His American rescue plan will include $1400 direct payments to many Americans in need and will also include funding for vaccines.  His plan will also reopen schools and provide support to state and local government.  Another part is to extend unemployment benefits and paid leave.

President Biden’s proposal will not disinclude anyone from receiving stimulus payments.  It also calls for eliminating subminimum wage.  He said, “We can do these bold, practical things now.  If we invest now, boldly, smartly and with an unwavering focus on American workers and families we will strengthen our economy, reduce inequity and put our nation’s long-term finances on a more sustainable course.”

Disability advocates are concerned about one area that was overlooked, which is Medicaid home and community-based services.  In the past, there has been a push for extra funding due to service providers having to struggle with higher costs resulting from the pandemic.

Hopefully in the coming months, we will see some positive changes to make everyday living to be easier for those struggling with the pandemic.

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