A paradigm is a group of ideas that you see the world with.  We get and learn many of our ideas from our parents, teachers, and friends.  The media also plays a powerful part in shaping our beliefs.  Newspapers, magazines, books, television and the Internet educate on everything from lifestyle, health, and politics to cultural issues.  A paradigm shift refers to the change of ideas.

As we grow older, our thinking changes over time due to our experiences.  Many people with disabilities are still trapped in the disabled paradigm where they are only being judged and seen on their disabilities.  The key is to shift the focus on the person rather than their disability. A disability should be seen as a characteristic that makes a person special and unique. we often get so focused on a person’s disability that we forget about the actual person.  It is important to remember that people come first and their disability comes second.  We are all human with the same emotional needs that should be met.

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