I feel that in order to find love with another person, you must first learn to love and respect yourself.  Most importantly, you must be content with your life before sharing it with another person.  The practice of yoga can help you discover your true self while becoming aware of your needs and wants.  The first step is to slow down and look within yourself to find what makes you tick. Meditation and deep breathing exercises help you see how you want your life to play out live in the present.  Yoga postures teach us to accept our flaws because everyone does each pose in their own way in time with no judgment.  Through yoga we can learn to remove negative emotions by focusing on the positives in life.  The practice in many ways can open our hearts to love and happiness by teaching us to show gratitude and express ourselves to those around us.  The yoga belief system teaches us to practice non-violence, honesty and selflessly helping others.

Whenever I meet someone, I always look for the good in them and focus on the positives and see what I am able to learn from them.  I find it is important to be a friend at first before getting into a serious relationship.  The growing friendship is what evolves into a strong, loving relationship, if it is meant to be, or stay with a strong friendship.  It takes time to develop any relationship because there are many layers to understand and get to know.

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