connecting with my mentor Seane Corn

This past weekend I attended an empowered flow yoga workshop at Kripalu presented by Seane Corn. It was one of my best experiences in my life from yummy food to amazing yoga and enlightening discussions. The best part was connecting with my teacher, role model and mentor Seane. She definitely is the queen of yoga and activism inspiring everyone in the room with her words of passion and purpose. She spoke her truth with love from her heart and soul leaving all of us feeling empowered. I will admit it at first I was star struck but that vanished when we first saw and recognized each other like kinder spirits following the same path. I still recall many years ago at a time I felt lost, disconnected and depressed it was the practice of yoga through Seane DVDs that awaken and connected my mind and body. I also remember reading an interview in a yoga magazine where Seane talked about yoga and activism. After reading the article it was like light ball went off in my head everything seem so clear. Yoga helped me discover and nurture my passion and purpose of helping people with disabilities through my words and experiences. Over the years I have grown and lived by Sean example in all areas of my life through practicing yoga on and off the mat. Today I am proud to be woman with disabilities, yogini, writer and disabilities rights activist.

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  1. William
    October 12th, 2011 20:32

    Nice words.

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