The grinch

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Carrie Writes
The Grinch
Carrie Barrepski

Last month, my husband and I went to see The Grinch movie in West Springfield. The movie was in 3D and was based on the Dr. Seuss book How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
The movie is about a town celebrating Christmas viewed by an outcast who does not understand Christmas. The story tells how the Grinch tried to steal Christmas from decorations to gifts. In the end, the Grinch learns the true meaning of Christmas, of a community coming together to celebrate life.
There are six lessons that can be learned from the Grinch movie. The first one is to care more for people than material items. It is the time and thought of the gift, not the value that counts. The second lesson is to show compassion and empathy to all people because everybody’s situation is unique and different. The next lesson is to respect one another’s culture and traditions. Fourth, we should share the joy of life and focus on the positive aspects while not dwelling on problems. The fifth lesson is to view humanity through the eyes of a child by remembering the good things. Lastly, we should remember to welcome and respect others regardless of their differences.
My wish is for all of my readers to have a peaceful holiday filled with love and joy.

2 Responses to “The grinch”

  1. Patty Turpin
    December 24th, 2018 14:50

    Beautifully said, as always. Happy Holidays to you and yours. ????????

  2. Darlene Trimble
    December 24th, 2018 23:20

    That is a beautiful share Carrie! Merry Christmas

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