Expressive writing

Printed in the Republican 2018

Carrie Writes
Expressive Writing

For people with disabilities, life can be filled with frustration, anger and disappointment. There are many healthy methods to deal with these emotions
and release them. Some of these ways are drawing, playing sports, exercising and meditation.
One excellent tool is called expressive writing.
Expressive writing is a form of therapy that involves
writing about one’s feelings and thoughts about a
particular topic. It is usually done continuously for
fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, where you just jot whatever comes to your mind.
Expressive writing has been proven to improve
your immune system since you are releasing your
negative energy. It can also improve lung function and decrease headaches by returning to a peaceful state. More importantly, it reduces everyday stress and anxiety.
Expressive writing works well when you write about what’s upsetting you and helps you explore your feelings. It can be done privately, something that you do not need to share.
As a writer, I have always written from my heart. It is a way to use my voice in a positive way to help and inspire others. I have always written my feelings and thoughts to help me find my way through my journey. It is my passion and purpose.

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