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Carrie Writes
Carrie Barrepski

It is that time of year to put the past behind us and look forward to the New Year. It is as if we have a blank piece of paper to recreate our goals in the New Year.
I have always enjoyed creating new goals and resolutions for myself. The goal is to put yourself in a positive mindset. Having this positive energy is the best way to get results.
Manifesting is way of positive thinking to receive support and guidance from the universe. The first step is to clear negative emotions from your mind. This can be completed with a daily prayer of asking the universe to set you free of mental blocks that are keeping you from your dreams, such as self-doubt, fear and anxiety.
The second and third steps are to be clear about your intentions, making a list of your desires. While sitting in meditation, visualize your desires in life. The third step is to conceptualize what you think and feel, believing that your desires will happen.
The fourth step is to be patient with the process, while the final step is to have faith in the universe. This is where your positive thinking and positive energy will flow.
I use manifesting in my mediation every day to keep my positive energy flowing, while keeping my focus on my goals, such as my yoga practice, my column and writing my first book.

One Response to “Manifesting”

  1. Patty Turpin
    January 2nd, 2019 19:07

    Thanks for sharing, Carrie! Very nicely said as usual! Blessings ~

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