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One of my favorite you tube channels is the Tara Stiles Yoga channel Where she talks about yoga, cooking and meditation. I can relate to her yoga philosophy of any one can do yoga and its accessible because of the way I have modified my own yoga practice to meet my needs and lifestyle. There is no right way to practice because we all are all unique in our own way. I had the pleasure of chatting with Tara about yoga

1. How did you discover yoga?
My earliest memories were feelings and experiences of universal connectivity. I taught myself how to meditate and experienced a lot of synesthesia from my early years. For me, an expression of yoga is who we all are . . . connected.

2. What made you decide to become a yoga instructor?

I shared what I learned from a hatha yoga teacher I had in ballet school with my friends who hadn’t had exposure to yoga. I had a strong urge that everyone needed to connect and so I began to share that. I never thought. . . I want to be a yoga instructor, it sort of happened naturally as a by product of following and cultivating my interests.

3. What is your message about yoga?
Yoga is already there inside all of us. It is for everyone, because it is everyone. When we connect back with ourselves, we remember that everything we need to know, is already right there.

4. What is your goal with your studio, DVDs and books?

Sharing yoga with an aim to connect people back to themselves. People get radiantly healthy, happy, intuitive, creative, and connected. It’s nice.

5. Advice any one beginning yoga?
Start where you are, because that is right where you need to be. And being in the present moment is what it’s all about anyway. Don’t worry about achieving a pose. Yoga isn’t about poses. But when you relax, focus, and practice consistently, you’ll be able to do all the poses with ease, and you’ll really realize that it’s not about the poses. Enjoy your breath and allow yourself to experience whatever it’s like to be inside of you right now. Buckel up, it’s going to be a great ride!

6. Any future projects?
New book coming out in April, Yoga Cures, with Random House. New DVD series with Deepak launching at Christmas called Yoga Transformations. Other fun stuff upcoming also 🙂

visit Tara athttp://www.youtube.com/user/TaraStilesYoga

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  1. business daily
    September 13th, 2011 10:26

    I also love Taras yoga philosophy of that anyone can do yoga because it is accessible. .I really can relate to this because in my own practice I make accommodations to meet my bodys needs. It doesnt matter if I am not as flexible or strong as others because we are all unique in our own practice tailored to our individual needs.

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