Our actions affect others

This is actually this weeks column printed today in the Republican a important reminder

Very recently, I read a news story on the Channel 22 News website about how two wheelchairs were stolen off of a disabled woman’s front porch. Thankfully, they were recovered a short time later. My first thought was how and why would someone take something that is so vitally important to a person’s survival and independence. We often don’t realize how our words and actions can affect others in a negative or positive way. Another example is how some words in the English language are considered offensive, such as the word retarded.

A ripple effect is a gradual slow chain reaction to our own actions in life. We often get so caught up in life that we don’t take into consideration how our actions really affecting others, especially those in our lives. We can all take the time to be more empathic, the practice of feeling another person’s feelings while understanding their situation. The key is acknowledging and understanding your own feelings before relating to others. Once we have that understanding it can be expressed through words and affection. Showing empathy allows us to be more sensitive, compassionate and conscious.

On a daily basis I practice mindful communication, choosing my words with love and honesty. I also ensure that all of my actions reflect my peaceful nature with only the intention of helping others. When we listen, feel and speak with our heart we will always stay true to others and ourselves. My regular meditation and yoga practice help me stay connected with both my compassion and empathic skills while surrounding myself with positive energy. I have always believed you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

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