what is a spiritual junkie

At my weekend retreat at Kripalu Gabrielle Bernstein taught us basic of being a spiritual junkie based on her upcoming book. A spiritual junkie is someone who connects with his or her inner guidance known as the voice of love. When we let in fear we often loose our true selves. It is about choosing love and faith over fear. This is done by recognizing and forgiving the fear then letting it go through meditation, prayer and journaling. Staying focus on love we always lead us to our truth. Visit http://gabbyb.tv/ for more information.
I am proud to be a spiritual junkie spreading the message of love.

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  1. Jennah
    August 10th, 2011 01:15

    Hi Carrie! Your hopeful, positive, happy energy is so beyond awesome. Thank you. ~fellow Kripalu Spirit Junkie, Her Future, FB soul sister xo Jennah

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