Being a perfectionist has its good and bad points.  A normal perfectionist strives to achieve reasonable goals while being realistic in their own life.  However, being too much of a perfectionist can cause you to be tied up in knots and bring about feelings of anxiety, shame and worry.

The good part of being a perfectionist is self-satisfaction and enhanced self-esteem and pride.  People who are normal perfectionists are more self oriented and usually measure against themselves rather than others.  Abnormal perfectionists strive for very high standards, have fears of failure and disappointing others.  They usually discount success while focusing on failures.  Their performance is usually based on the approval of others.

A yogini lives life to the fullest while experiencing the joy in everything we do.  They obtain a healthy body, clear, strong minds while being selfless, compassionate and loving.  The practice of yoga shows us how to focus on ourselves while being non-judgmental or comparing ourselves to others.  One of the main lessons of yoga is that we are all different and unique.  We should accept ourselves for who we are.

There are steps we can take to remove the negative perfectionist from our life.  The first one is to retrain our way of thinking from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.  The second step is to give yourself permission that it is ok for you not to be the best at everything.  Always achieve the maximum while acknowledging mistakes and failures that we can learn from.  The next one is to always live in the present while leaving the past behind you.  The final step is to try to take the negative energy and use it as a positive force to move on.  Always remember to be honest with yourself and be open to the truth.

Over the years I have struggled with the negative aspects of being a perfectionist.  I have found that through yoga I am learning to accept myself for who I am and to stop worrying about pleasing everyone.  I am also learning to do my best while only meeting my expectations and not comparing myself to others.  As a yogini, I try to live each day with love and happiness while reminding myself that all I can do is my best and to leave the past in the past.

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