Stattvic life style

Yoga isn’t just about exercise.  It is a way of life for many like myself.  Yoga is not only good for the body but also calms the mind and connects us with our soul.  Through yoga, you can achieve the senses of love, happiness and peace.  Yoga is connected to many other practices such as meditation and Pilates.  It is also connected to the practice of ayurveda, a form of holistic healing.  This practice has the traditional roots in India.

Ayurveda has three main qualities.  The first one is tamas, which is when the mind and body become overtired, unenergized and unmotivated.  This can cause chronic ailments, depression and overeating.  The middle quality is rajas, which is the over-stimulation of the mind and body, which can cause physical and mental stress.  The third type, sattva, is the goal sought by ayurveda, an equal balance of rajas and tamas.  Yogis believe that our bodies are temples that should be fueled with healthy foods, peaceful activities and acquiring the qualities to give us that healthy balance in life.  A person’s lifestyle and diet truly affects their state of mind.  To achieve the equal state between mind and body a yogi practices the traits of being kind, helpful, patient, tolerant, generous and selfless.  In the practice of sattvic the following activities are enjoyed: calming meditation, reading literature, playing games and listening to peaceful music.

In the ayurveda practice, what we eat truly affects us on the inside as well as the outside.  In order to keep an equal balance in our mind and body calming whole foods are eaten such as fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, beans and nuts.  Avoid processed and packaged foods and junk food because too much of it can clutter our minds and bodies.  The main goal is to find a healthy balance between all three qualities to lead us to be happy and healthy with ourselves.

In the end, we will have achieved peace of mind, health, strength and immunity from negative aspects of our lives.  Whenever I read and research any topic from yoga to health and spirituality, I take what I learned and apply it to my life to grow in many ways.  I do not believe in following everything to the letter; rather, I modify it to how I want to live my life.  Part of being a yogi is discovering and finding your own spiritual path to love and happiness in life because it is your own personal choice.

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