At some time in our lives we have experienced anger and hurt feelings.  It is not healthy to keep these emotions bottled up since it creates negative energy.  Being a firm believer that we can only flourish in a postive energy environment, I am always working on removing any negative aspects from my life.

In yoga, we practice and feel compassion in our daily lives.  Yoga also teaches us to forgive, to continue living in the present instead of the past.  Recognizing and feeling your emotions while moving into a compassionate state can accomplish this.  From this state, you can use your positive action to experience personal growth.

When we feel anger and hurt, we often don’t know what to do with these emotions.  We can use yoga and meditation to work through these emotions.  The first step is to tell the story on how the anger and hurt came to be.  Then we must recognize and acknowledge our feelings and accept that we may never be able to completely resolve these feelings.  The next step is to determine what price you are paying by holding onto the grudge and determine if it is worth it.  We must accept that we are the only ones that can change our attitude and feelings.  While breathing in and out, look inside yourself for guidance and forgiveness while paying attention to what your heart says.

Keeping a journal of the process is an excellent tool to gain positive insight on this experience.  I have always believed that once you write down a painful incident you can turn the page and move on.  This practice can give us the peace we need in order to move forward into a positive place.  Just like everything else in life, this process is challenging and requires a lot of practice, focus and drive to reach your goal of letting the negative energy go.

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