Anger can be destructive while undermining happiness and freedom.  It can also destroy the peacefulness of the mind and body.  When we are angry we experience mental turmoil, frustration and feelings of uneasiness.  We often get so caught up in anger that we often lose our focus on our goals and tasks at hand.  Too much anger and stress can also lead to health problems such as high blood pressure.

There are many emotional forms of anger such as hatred, outrage and frustration.  Sometimes the expression of anger can cause hurt feelings or give a bad impression.  However, anger can also drive us to meet our goals, to make positive changes and provide extra strength.  There are many causes of anger such as social rejection, discrimination and peoples’ words and actions.

In everyday life we were always taught to suppress anger and divert attention away from it.  We were also taught to express our anger, but the key is to do it in a healthy way.  Yoga has taught us to look inside of ourselves to find the root of the problem at issue.  At the same time we must observe ourselves experiencing the anger while feeling the emotions.  Once we ask ourselves why we are angry, we must accept our feelings and acknowledge them as part of ourselves.  Once we have taken ownership of our anger, we can use that power to do good, resolve the issue and to grow.  Anger should not be feared since it can be a self-exploring tool to find more wisdom about ourselves.

I have always seen anger as a way to determine what your passion and purpose is in life.  For example, I get very angry about discrimination against disabled individuals.  I have used this passion to create my column to bring light to issues facing the disabled while hoping that I am making a difference.  When I am angry I always pay close attention to how I express my feelings without offending others or escalating the situation.  I prefer to come to a quiet resolution that all parties agree upon because peace is the key to any problem.

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  1. Christine
    August 11th, 2010 17:57

    this is such an amazing post and hit the spot right on thank you so much for this goddess. I am going to take some of those tips and pass on the love. you are a true inspiration!

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