Kimberly Wilson

There are two essential books that sit on my nightstand, “Hip Tranquil Chick” and “Tranquilista” written by Kimberly Wilson.  These two books help women incorporate the yoga lifestyle and balance their every day lives.  Kimberly is a jack of all trades from being a writer, fashion designer, yoga instructor and runs a foundation that helps women everywhere.  Kimberly has her Bachelors in psychology and women’s studies.  She began teaching yoga in the early 2000s, which led to opening her own yoga studio, designing yoga wear and helping women discover their best lives.  Today she is pursuing a Masters in social work to bring a more therapeutic approach to her work. I had an opportunity to talk with Kimberly about her life’s works.
1. How did you get into yoga?
I discovered and loved yoga since taking a class in 1996, which lead to teacher training in 1999.

2. How did you begin all of your different projects?
My yoga studio, Tranquil Space, started in 1999 in my living room where people came to share the yoga practice.  From there we went to a parlor in a church to finally in 2008 to our final home in a three story building.  In May 2002 my Tranquil T clothing line was launched showcasing functional, fashionable and comfortable yoga clothes.  The Tranquil Space Foundation was formed in July 2006 to empower women to develop their inner voices through yoga, creativity and leadership.

3.      What is your passion?
To form creative expression through journaling and art.

4.      What is your purpose?
To inspire others.

5.      What is your philosophy?

To leave a legacy that will impact others.
6.      What is your advice for women?
Avoid the status quo and go after what you want.

For more information visit Kimberly at her site http://www.kimberlywilson.com .

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