For many decades people with disabilities have had to deal with many misconceptions in society that has interfered with their equal rights to live independently in their own communities.  Myths are considered attitudinal barriers that are harder to overcome than architectural barriers.  Many negative views can also lead to discrimination that is prohibited by law.  There are several different types of attitudes that can be formed about people with disabilities.  Examples of these attitudes are as follows: inferiority, pity, ignorance, stereotyping and fear.  The so-called Spread Effect occurs when people view a person’s disabilities as adversely affecting their other senses, abilities or personality traits.  There are several ways we as a society can help break down attitudinal barriers such as being open minded, courteous, encouraging and taking the time to learn about disability issues.   Another way to help out is to speak up and reach out to make a difference.  More importantly, help provide opportunities for people with disabilities ranging from social to employment situations.  I feel I am doing my part of breaking down barriers through sharing my experiences.  At first I was writing for several websites geared towards people with disabilities such as ebility.com then I  moved on to newspaper writing  where I not only share my stories but I get to investigate many community resources.  My purpose is to shine light on disability issues with the life long goal of helping and inspiring people.  Read about invisible disabilities in my column


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  1. Danielle
    June 9th, 2010 11:29

    Wonderful post! And what a beautiful purpose you have. Thank-you for shining your light!

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