social integration

People with disabilities often experience feelings of isolation, loneliness and feel disconnected from society.  Many are also prone to low self-esteem and depression. Social integration is a concept where devalued members of society are integrated into their community where identities and friendships are formed.  There are three elements such as the creation of valued roles, participating in meaningful activities and developing long lasting relationships.  Being integrated into their community gives a person with disabilities a sense of purpose and identity.  It also improves their self-esteem and their quality of life.  We all identify with different elements of society, some more then others.  The first one is community where we have psychological and support attachments.  We feel secure and rooted while creating our identity.  Another one is geography which is our town and neighborhood.  The third one is social networks which are the people in our lives.  The last one is association, meaning the activities we participate in.  we as a society still have a lot of work to be done in removing the stigma while promoting disability awareness.  A disability is secondary to the actual person who is unique in every way.  They also have the same rights as every one else to live independently in society.

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