living in the moment

I am always thinking of my own positive affirmations to help me deal with every day stress, staying focused and center. One of my favorites is I can not control natural occurrences I can only live one day at a time and they are all good.  Living in the moment means being aware of your senses and surroundings.  The concept is to allow you not dwell on the past or worry about the future.  When we are in the present we can focus on the task at hand and enjoy the process. There are many benefits of living in the moment. Such as being more intoned with your surroundings, thoughts and feelings. You will also find your self connecting with others on a deeper level. An individual ill also feel more gratitude, and enjoying life. They will find themselves being more focus, peaceful and alive. While feeling less fearful and anxious in they’re every day life. There are several tips to help in living in the moment for example take time every day to take in your surroundings while feeling and engaging in what is happening.  Be aware of sounds, sights, smells, taste and the ambiance. It is also important to learn how to focus the mind while practicing relaxation techniques and listen very closely to what is happening around you. There are several activities that can help create the living in the moment mind frame.  One being exercising the mind and body with meditation and yoga. Doing creative activities like writing, sketching and gardening can be very enjoyable. Taking a vacation or break can be a great for recharging your batteries. More importantly always try to look at the funny side of life because laughter is the best medicine. Always remember the past is history the future is a mystery the only time we have is now just the moment

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