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Very recently I decided I wanted to get in touch with the women who I admire and inspired me in my own life. The first one is my friend Gabrielle Bernstein who wrote a book on positive living for women to tune into their inner guidance and fill their life with happiness. The book is filled with meditations, reflections, and activities to tap into your inner guidance. Just like Gabrielle I have always believed that if were positive then good things will come so take the time and enjoy positive power.

“  What inspired you to begin your work in empowering woman and what is your purpose?

My own personal journey is what inspired me to empower other women. My outward search for happiness did not serve me. I had to hit a bottom to turn inward. This experience taught me everything I teach today.  My personal transformation is what empowers me most.

What is your goal and purpose for your book?

My goal for this book is to reignite the ~ing in the world. Each reader who does the work can shift their perception and create miracles.  The more ~ing I turn on through this book the more miracles the world will hold.

What is the writing process for your book and blog?

I’m probably the most focused A.D.D person you’ll ever meet. Therefore I have to shut down everything to begin a writing project. I turn off the tweets, emails, audio, phone etc. Then I meditate. In my meditation my ~ing guides me to create an outline. Then I jam out with a free write. There is a lot of editing involved. My boyfriend and ladies in my power posse help me edit.

How did you start http://www.herfuture.com/, life coaching, and motivational speaking?

I began speaking at the age of twenty-one. I was asked to speak in marketing classrooms and on entrepreneurial panels because I was a young entrepreneur. I LOVED speaking publicly. Each time I’d speak I’d be bombarded with emails from young women in the classroom. Eventually I realized that I couldn’t mentor everyone and that’s when I created HerFuture.com. I designed a site where I could be a mentor virtually and hold space for other empowering mentors to help guide women.

What are your current and future goals?

My next move is to have a TV show based on happiness, wellness and miracles. I plan to be the voice of happiness for the next generation. I am also working on my next book and creating some awesome video content for the site. In addition, I’m always growing my spiritual practice.

What is your one message to women?

Turn your search for happiness inward. Get your ~ing on. Expect miracles! “

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