Creative Expression

I have always been very creative exploring new activities.  Creativity is the ability or power to create through originality, expressiveness and imaginatively.  There are many benefits to practicing creativity.  I think the greatest benefit is to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing.  Doing a creative project can be very relaxing and great for releasing stress.  There also some other very positive aspects of being creative, such as improving problem solving skills, exploring new ideas and expressing yourself.  I always enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to do things and experimenting with new solutions.

Over the years I used my creativity and curiosity to explore and try a variety of activities.  Creativity can be expressed in many ways.  A good example is playing music since it expresses how we feel on the inside.  I have tried to play the piano, the clarinet and guitar.  Even though I found it difficult to read the sheet music and push the correct keys on the instruments I still enjoyed those experiences.  Dancing is another good way to express your creativity.  Whenever I hear music I always move to beat expressing the fun dancing has to offer.  Over the years I have taken ballet classes even with my poor balance and stiff joints. Since I enjoyed ballet so much I would just repeat the beginner class.  I also tried to be creative by doing needlepoint but had to give it up due to eye strain headaches.  Over the years I have taken art classes like stenciling and designing t-shirts to explore my creative ability.  Today I foster my creativity through photography, drawing and journaling. So my advice is to use your creativity to find a hidden talent, take up an exciting hobby and learn something new.  More importantly have fun in life.

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