My interview with my mentor Seane Corn

In my late twenties I felt very lost and disconnected.  It was during this time that I discovered Sean’s yoga DVD.  It wasn’t just a great exercise program but it was also the spiritual connection I was looking for.  Yoga helps me focus on my purpose and goals of being a disability rights activist.  For me yoga is a life style from the beliefs to the physical practice. I am proud to be a yogini.

1.   What does yoga mean to you?

Making connections and relationships within and outside of ourselves while seeing love and truth in all circumstances.

2.    How does yoga relate to spirituality?

it unites the mind and body working as a whole with no separation.  The god we seek is within us going outwards to see our truth and love.

3.    How do you transform yoga into your daily life?

By being mindful in all activities from eating to working always practicing yoga.

4.    How did you become involved in activism and how does it connect to yoga?

I was always interested in activism but yoga helps you deal with your own issues allowing you to be more focused on helping others.

5.   What is the purpose and goal of Off The Mat Into The World?

1. To bridge the gap between the yoga community and activism  2. Leadership training to help yogis to find and define their purpose through yoga, meditation and journaling 3. Teach organizational skills and provide resources.

6.   What are your future plans?

1. Off The Mat seva Challenge in South Africa is planning to build a bakery and halfway house while doing AIDS awareness education.  2. Off The Mat Urban seva Challenge in LA is working with inner city kids.

7.    What advice do you have for inspiring yogis and activists?

1. Take care of yourself first. 2. Work with others sharing resources.

8.      What is your purpose?

To love bigger then ever possible and not to be afraid to take risks.

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For more information on Seane and her work visit http://www.seanecorn.com/ .

2 Responses to “My interview with my mentor Seane Corn”

  1. Danielle
    April 26th, 2010 13:21

    Awesome interview Carrie! I never really looked at yoga that way. That really got me thinking.

  2. Kim Nixon
    May 26th, 2010 21:59

    Hi, I am glad I found your website. I work in a group home for people with physical and mental challenges. I try to bring yoga into the workplace. I am working with Celiac Disease in my ownbody and have had some setbacks. I may never do arm balances, or some of the more advanced yoga positions, but I will always coem to the mat with an open mind and find peace in the present moment. I would love to do yoga teacher training–but have no idea where to turn. I want a training that can include my aging and challenged body. Suggestions?

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