Disability Policy

published in the Republican January 2021

This month, a new President takes control of our government.  In his disability plan, Joe Biden vowed to appoint a director of disability policy.  The person appointed should be aware of disability issues that are important to people with disabilities, from health care to Social Security and special education.

Another important issue is to deal with COVID-19, especially in group home and nursing home settings where the infection flares up and grows.  We also need to ensure that proper equipment is provided for home and community based services.

In the past there have been orders made to disability policy that have harmed people with disabilities and their rights that need to be reversed. One example is undoing payroll tax deferrals that affect SSDI and SSI payments.  Another example is work requirements for people on Medicaid that put them at risk of losing coverage.

There are several other issues that need to be considered, starting with affordable health insurance.  SSI and SSDI need to be updated to allow people with disabilities to earn and save money without losing their benefits.

More importantly, advocates need to ensure that people with disabilities are guaranteed the right to live and blossom in their own communities.

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