published in the Republican October 2020

We are approaching the November 2020 presidential election.  A research study done by the Rutgers University Program for Disability Researchconcluded that there are 38.3 million eligible voters with disabilities.  That is a 19.8 percent increase since 2008.  This increase of voters may be related to mail in voting.

There are many reasons to vote.  The most important is to make your voice heard.  Voting is our right to help decide government issues.  It is a way to say what you need, want and what your beliefs are.

Voting gives us the opportunity to choose who is going to represent us.  By doing so, we can acknowledge who we trust to take care of our basic needs, from the president, senators, governors and mayors.

Voting is essential to help with policies and social issues that are impacting our country.  Some examples are health care, climate change, racial inequality, disability rights, gun control and financialissues.

Before Election Day, it is important to educate yourself as to who is on the ballot and what they stand for.  More importantly, don’t let anyone or anything influence your vote.  When we are voting, we are proclaiming our independence by standing up for our rights and the Constitution.

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