published June 2020 in the Republican

Former Vice President and possible Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden released a disability plan.  He is calling for more access to community-based services, competitive employment and for the government to acknowledge disability issues.

His goal is to bring to bring full equality to people with disabilities. Some of the issues that are covered in the plan are to increase SSI benefits, full funding for the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and increased support for direct care providers.

Biden also promises to back the legal rights of parents with disabilities.  He also will have the US Department of Justice review guardianship laws so that individuals are able to exercise self-determination.

Biden also plans to appoint a director of disability policy for the federal government.  This director’s objective will be to guarantee that people with disabilities will receive services.  Another purpose of this director will be to ensure that people with disabilities no longer have to wait decades for community-based services.

Joe Biden also released a plan for addressing the needs of disabled individuals during the pandemic.  He said, “For me, it all comes down to a simple truth: everyone is entitled to a life of dignity and opportunity.  And in a time of pandemic, when people with disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to this virus, we must redouble our efforts to ensure they have the resources and the protections they need for their health, well-being and independence.”

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