Yoga and writing

published in the Republican May 2020

For me, yoga and writing, my two passions, have always been interconnected.  They both have similar patterns.  For example, they can ground and relax you.  More importantly, both practices teach you to be mindful.

Both writing and yoga have similar traits, such as relaxation, precision and mindfulness.  The two practices require warming up.  For example, sun salutations are a great way to begin a yoga discipline, while brainstorming is a great way to get your writing juices flowing.

Both disciplines require you to be in a relaxed state of mind in order to focus on your poses, breathing and words.  Yoga and writing have made me more mindful of my movements, actions and speech.  Precision is very important because in yoga having good alignment is critical for having a safe practice.  In writing, it is important to be sure you are using the right words from grammar to spelling.

Both disciplines require patience and practice to achieve the end goal.  They both have given me much joy in my personal life while helping me succeed in my professional life as a writer and yoga teacher.

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