published in the Republican April 2020

We are living during a time of anxiety, nervousness and helplessness.  Many of us are being told to stay home while practicing social distancing.  With all the news, it is hard to find happiness and laughter.

A doctor in India, Madan Kataria, developed a system known as laughter yoga. It is a way to release tension and allow us to enjoy a simple laugh.  The belief is that a voluntary laugh has many psychological benefits.  It has been proven to improve your attitude while improving your health and quality of life.

Laughter yoga consists of warming up and clapping while chanting an affirmation, followed by breathing exercises.  Yoga poses are done in a silly and playful manner with laughter.

Laughter yoga is found in 53 countries, with 5,000 laughter yoga clubs around the world.  Of those, two hundred are in the United States.

Twenty minutes of laughter is recommended to fully receive the psychological benefit.  Everybody can laugh with techniques from comedy and jokes.

Laughter can also be contagious when done in a group.  Laughter yoga combines breathing exercises with laughter exercises that oxidates our bodies and brains to make us healthier and more energetic.

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