The beginning

Published in the Republican April 2019

Carrie Writes
The Beginning
Carrie Barrepski

Fourteen years ago this week, my column Carrie Writes was born, which turned into a regular feature. I remember it like yesterday, meeting with the editor, Cynthia Simison. I remember showing her copies of my writing and discussing ideas for my column.
My column has helped me find my optimistic voice in helping and inspiring people with disabilities. My goal was to be a voice for people with disabilities, while putting disability issues in the spotlight. Many of my columns have been based on my own experiences in dealing with disability issues as a way to educate and empower people.
Through writing my column, I have researched and learned many things. Every time I sit down to write a column, I am always excited to discover new things for my readers.
By writing my column, I have gained many opportunities to meet new people and explore new resources. One activity that has grown through my writing is motivational speaking, from conferences to support groups and classes.
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences and to talk passionately about disability issues while being part of the self-advocacy movement. Writing my column has shaped me into a competent advocate for people with disabilities, while inspiring them to live their best life.

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