Living your best life

Published the Republican 2019

Carrie Writes
Living Your Best Life
Carrie Barrepski

Many people have assumptions about having a disability. Many non-disabled people believe that a disability defines the other person and stops them from living out their dreams. A young lady named Chelsea Werner from California was born with Down Syndrome, a chromosomal defect that delays physiological and intellectual development.
At a young age, she was introduced to gymnastics to help her develop strong muscles since a common side effect of Down Syndrome is low muscle strength and tone.
Chelsea went on to win four Olympic championships in gymnastics at the Special Olympics. Chelsea believes that she has gained confidence and resiliency from the gymnastics.
We Speak is an international fashion agency that encourages people to love their body and accept who they are. The agency discovered Chelsea on social media in 2007, and was inspired by her story. The agency believed that Chelsea could excel in the fashion world while being a role model for others. Chelsea is hopeful that her modeling experience will inspire others since “everyone is beautiful in their own way.”
I have always felt that my disabilities are characteristics that help me build strength and compassion while empowering me to help others through my life experiences.

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