Peace Boston Strong

On April 15th, just before the finish line at the Boston Marathon two explosions took place, causing widespread despair and destruction. The bombing claimed three lives including that of an innocent child and causing many injuries. In the aftermath many professionals, volunteers and bystanders rushed to help the victims. In one of the largest manhunts in history, law enforcement officials tirelessly worked around the clock to bring those responsible to justice. The manhunt brought the Boston area to a standstill, from events being cancelled, stopping transportation to putting several cities on lockdown.

In a short time victory was achieved in catching the responsible party, causing a collective sigh of relief. During through the whole ordeal Boston stayed strong and determined.

As a pacifist I have been opposed to violence and believe in finding peaceful resolutions to problems. Sadly there is much anger and hate in this world. We need more love, understanding and forgiveness. As individuals we need to think, feel and see with our hearts, the key to our true power. We are all equals and united through spirit. Patanjali is reffered to as the father of yoga, who wrote his thoughts and ideas on how a yogi should live in his book, The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. This book is considered a sacred text for the yoga practice. There are eight parts to the way of living the yoga lifestyle. The first one is yama, which refers to how you socially interact with others around you, such as practicing non-violence against any living creature.

As avid Red Sox fans my husband and I watched the game on April 20. During the opening ceremony the PA announcer reminded us in part to “never quit and persevere. We will always prevail. We are Boston Strong.”

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