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Printed in the Republican Plus Paper 9/14/11

Through the Internet, I crossed paths with life coach and motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein. We instantly connected with each other and found we both followed similar paths. Like myself, Gabrielle is a “lovetarian” who promotes positive living. We have become friends who help and support one another.

Gabrielle’s second book, Spirit Junkie, is being released as of September 13. Her first book, Add More ~Ing To Your Life, talks about embracing positive influences while getting rid of negative ones through the use of affirmations, meditation and physical activity. In her second book, Gabrielle shares her experience overcoming negative behaviors from drug addiction to self-loathing. She bases her teachings on a book titled A Course in Miracles, which shows how to relinquish fear from all aspects of life while allowing love to flow freely. The idea is to choose love over fear. There is a perception shift once we call out our ego and let it go into the universe.

Just like Gabrielle, I share my own experiences to inspire and help others. We can learn so much from listening to our and others’ stories. We all are equal with our own individual talents and gifts to offer the world.

Spirit Junkie is a very helpful tool in releasing fear and negativity from our lives leaving in place love and positive energy. It is a fact that negative energy just weighs us down, taking us to a darker place. When we focus on love and the positive forces we can be peaceful and happy letting miracles happen. For more information visit http://gabbyb.tv/

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