Spirituality has a different meaning for everyone for me it is our inner connection with the universe. I connect with my spirit and the universe through my daily meditation and yoga practice. I approach this subject with two friends who act as my spiritual guides.

The Questions

1. Define spirituality

2. How do you cultivate your spirituality?

3. What is your spiritual inspiration?

4. Advice for anyone taking his or her own spiritual path

Macha Einbender is a teacher helping people overcome negativity while hosting a weekly blog talk radio show called Spiritual Make- Over Artist check out her website at http://www.spiritualmakeoverartist.com/

1.Being at one with your soul. Being aware and awake.

2. I talk to myself and check in all day long. I pray I meditate; I put myself in other people’s shoes. All day everyday:)

3. Carrie, Buddha, archangel Michael

4. Start with self-love. Be of service to others, read books, meditate everyday even for 5 minutes. Ask for guidance.

Danielle Boonstra is a spiritual coach and writes a beautiful blog called Nourish Thyself at http://danielleboonstra.com/

Spirituality to me is all about knowing who I really am because who I really am is Spirit. So my spiritual practice is there to help me connect with that and remember that.

I cultivate that knowingness, that spirituality through meditation and through prayer. I meditate daily and while I used to have to remind myself to do it, through practice and connection with God, I now feel pulled to meditate at various times of the day. It’s become as important as eating or brushing my teeth. Prayer is also something that has evolved over the past few years for me. I used to ask, ask for love, for money, for more time. And now it’s more of a time of gratitude. I give thanks for all the love and blessings in my life and I trust that whatever does not seem to be working in my life or in the world is part of a bigger plan. I trust that Spirit is working in all situations.

I am inspired by different things, different people at various points in my life. I know that what is inspiring to me at any given moment in my life has shown up to serve me in some way, to help me grow. Right now I am reading A Course in Miracles and I can’t get enough! It’s all about forgiveness and beginning to see the world in a different way…in a way that, to me, is very healing. People always inspire me who live honestly and who serve others with their God-given gifts and talents.

To anyone starting on their own spiritual path I would say: say yes and pay attention to signs around you. If someone invites you to a lecture, say yes. If someone lends you a book, read it. If you’re guided to read various blogs, pay attention to the content. Notice what speaks to you, to what tugs at your soul. It’s all showing up for you because you’re beginning to open up to it. The more open you are, the more the opportunities for growth show up.

Besides these two ladies I receive inspiration from authors Gabrielle Bernstein at http://gabbyb.tv/ and Marianne Williamson at http://www.marianne.com/ I love their books especially “Add More ing To Your Life” and Return To Love. I also find reading, writing and sketching also helps me deepen my spiritual practice. All you need to do is to sit and listen to your heart it will take you on a journey of discovery, truth and love.

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