preparing for the big 40

I will also be turning thirty-nine years old this April.  As I look back on my thirties it is so amazing to see what have accomplished from finding my soul mate, getting married, moving to a new state and finding a job I love.  I also have no regrets about any decisions I made and cherish all the memories.

When I think about what I want the most to do in my last year of my thirties heading into my forties is to be in the best shape of my life. Over the past years I have gained some weight, develop some bad eating habits and develop a few health concerns.  The first step was realizing what I needed to change followed by setting up a plan to meet my goals.

After analyzing my diet I decided I need to focus on being a strict vegetarian while eliminating the following: soda, white foods, coffee, caffeine, fast food and meat.  I will focus on eating fruit, vegetables and whole-wheat products while drinking tons of water.  I am also reaffirming my commitment to my yoga practice by increasing practice time to seventy-five minutes every day . I also want to increase my endurance through biking and power walking.

Taking care of the mind is just as important as taking care of your body. As always I will face each day with love peace and happiness.  I will also continue to fill my life with positive energy while eliminating the negative.  My tools for this task are prayer, meditation and reading inspiring books.  I will also be fueling my creative passion with sketching, photography and journaling.

In my columns and blog I will continue sharing my passions of helping people, self improvement, yoga and disability issues.  Most importantly I will continue my focus on my roles as wife, writer, yogini and disability rights activist.  I have faith that I will meet my goals by time I turn forty years old.

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