cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a growing problem that affects people of all ages.  It is defined as a way to hurt someone through the Internet, computers or cell phones by posting texts, emails and images to embarrass some one.  There are many harmful effects of cyber bullying such as emotional damage and suicide, and adults may suffer lost revenue, lost earnings and defamation individuals through electronic means.

No one should ever have their personal life made public without their consent.  We are all unique individuals who should not be judged by sexual orientation, disability, gender, race or religion.

We as individuals have a responsibility in how we act when emailing, texting and posting because it represents who we are.  When using social networks it is important to be aware of what we share online because anyone can access and see it.  In other words, keep in mind in how your actions will affect yourself and others.  It is better to play it safe then be sorry later.

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