Art of Attention with Elena Brower

In a flash time moves past us so fast that at times we don’t even realize it.  We often don’t take the time to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer from inside of ourselves to those around us and our natural surroundings.  Yoga teaches us to slow down while paying attention to what is happening in the present from feelings, to events and our actions.  The more we stay in the present the stronger and more grounded we will get. One of my favorite websites   at http://www.artofattention.com teaches people to being more attentive to themselves, others and their surroundings. I have incorporated the five-step process to train us to be more attentive in my own life . The first one is to pause and take into account what is happening to us from the inside to the outside.  The second step is to accept who we are while acknowledging the beauty that is inside us.  We also must learn to accept and respect people for who they are because we are all unique in our own ways.  Once we start the practice of paying attention we will experience the awakening of what we are experiencing at that given moment.  As always, express gratitude to yourself and others for what we do have. The website was created by Elena Brower, a yoga instructor based in New York City surroundings. I had an opportunity to interview Elena about her website.

1.  How did you get involved with yoga and open your own studio ?

A friend took me to a class in the early 90’s and I was immediately hooked.  I had no idea HOW hooked.

After working for several years after college as a textile and apparel designer, I met Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga and took her second teacher training, and that is where it all began.  A couple of years later I met John Friend of Anusara Yoga, and became certified as an Anusara teacher 4 years later.  In the middle of that, in 2002, I opened up Virayoga in NYC, and it’s still going strong.

2.  What is Art of Attention?

Art of Attention is a vision that I have for all of us. It’s all about using our attention, our only real commodity, towards creating and cultivating more presence, more gratitude, more respect, more elegance in everything we do.

3.  What is the purpose and goal of the site?

The purpose and goal of the site is one and the same; to introduce and/or remind us all (myself included) of our inherent grace.  The introductions and reminders come in the form of writings, practices, video practices and eventually, a book.

4.  What are your future plans?

Future plans: more of the same.  Traveling, writing, practicing, teaching; becoming a more honest human being, loving my child, my family, my friends; serving my teachers and their teachings.

2 Responses to “Art of Attention with Elena Brower”

  1. Bob Weisenberg
    September 26th, 2010 09:14

    Great blog, Carrie. Thanks for the link to Elena’s site.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Googlover/keishua
    October 4th, 2010 20:45

    Sweet interview. I have only seen E.B. on Yoglo. I like her yoga philosophy. I enjoyed this interview and checking out her site. Thanks

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