published in the Republican April 2021

As someone with cerebral palsy, exercising can be very challenging.  Every day, I deal with stiff muscles and limited mobility.  I found Pilates to be a perfect companion to yoga since both are low impact.

My first experience with Pilates was the method Precision Toning by Jennifer Kries.  I really enjoyed this workout mainly because Jennifer took the time to teach proper form, which is especially important for someone who has physical limitations.

I had an opportunity to talk with Jennifer about Pilates and fitness.  Jennifer has been a ballet dancer since she was a young girl.  She took her first Pilates class at age thirteen.  At first, she was skeptical but her mother encouraged her to continue with it.  She was pleasantly surprised by how her dancing improved with Pilates.  It also helped her heal from dancing injuries.

Jennifer eventually began teaching Pilates and dancing where she was given the opportunity to create workout videos such as The Method Series and many others.  Jennifer’s philosophy is to connect to yourself while practicing mindfulness.  She empathizes the importance of loving yourself while using movement to cultivate positivity and joy.  Jennifer is inspired by mother’s advice of keeping your cup overflowing with love and happiness.

Starting this May, Jennifer is starting a new program called Turning Pain Into Gold.  The purpose is to embrace pain while growing from it through mind and body exercises to let go.  She will use techniques like meditation and journaling along with Pilates and dance to find a balance for herself.  Visit her site at http://www.jenniferkries.com

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